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Computer Visualization of Quasicrystals
Honors Research Project for Prof. J. Patera at Centre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal.

  • Explored the computer science applications of algorithms for generating aperiodic tilings from cut-and-project quasicrytals.

Genetic Algorithms for Geometric Primitive Detection
Pattern Recognition Project with Youenn Fablet at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Developed an innovative genetic algorithm, featuring adaptive genetic operators, capable of turning any black and white figure into a cubist-style painting.

Automatic Writing: The Poetry of Stochastic Languages
Pattern Recognition Presentation at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Presented how computers may generate poetic texts through the use of stochastic grammars and Markov chains.

Visualization in Number Theory
Number Theory Project for Prof. Zaharescu at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Constructed programs in Mathematica for visually identifying the structure of sequences in analytic number theory.

A Review of Polygon Morphing Techniques
Algorithms Research Seminar presented at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Investigated algorithms for polygon morphing, a key technique of computer animation, where the aim is to smoothly and continuously transform one polygon into another in a way that appears graceful to the eye.

VoronoImage: A Virtual Stained Glass Workshop
Computational Geometry Project at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Designed an original algorithm that uses fractal Voronoi diagrams for nonphotorealistic image rendering effects.

Visual Simulation of Fire
Computer Graphics Project with Andrew Sacamano at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Programmed, using C on a 25MHz Macintosh, a real-time animation of a candle flame.

The Significance of NP-Completeness to Theoretical Physics
Advanced Analysis of Algorithms Presentation at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Outlined how advances in complex systems theory link the basic questions of simulation and prediction in physics to theoretical computer science.

The Transition from Discreet to Continuous States in the Game of Life
Concurrent Programming Languages Project at McGill University, Montreal.

  • Examined a model of cellular automata with real-valued cell states.

A Vision of Logic
Montreal Regional Science Fair Project received Concordia University Electrical and Computer Engineering Achievement Award as well as Silver Medal.

  • Created educational HyperCard software for exploring formal logic through puzzles, combinatorial circuits, and cellular automata systems that evolve according to boolean functions.



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