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 Functional Elegance
Mark Grundland
I make handles for ideas, so you can pick them up.


 Overview of Pursuits:

Commercial Pursuits:

Design Pursuits:

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Literary Pursuits:

  • Fly Catcher
    A short story for children young and old.
  • Journey's End
    A short story for wandering fools and sages.
  • Reminder
    A grain of salt for the unquenchable thirst.


Salience Preserving Image Compositing
Composite Image = 20% Sky + 40% Lake + 40% Couple

Cross Dissolve Without Cross Fade
Creating better tools for compositing artists.

The salience preserving compositing method automatically blends images together in a way
that naturally captures the most visually prominent regions of each component image,
enabling artists to create layered visual effects without detailed image mattes.



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