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Color Search and Replace
Mark Grundland and Neil A. Dodgson
Computational Aesthetics 2005, pp. 101-109, EUROGRAPHICS, (2005). ISSN 1816-0859.
Presented as a talk at the EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging (Girona, Spain, 18-20 May 2005).


We present an interactive image enhancement technique to adjust the global color composition of an image by finding and replacing color gradients. We show how color gradient transformations can perform the basic operations of color editing. To recolor an image, the user designates a mapping of source color gradients to corresponding target color gradients. Each color gradient can be represented by a spherical parameterization, consisting of its midpoint color, contrast radius, as well as hue and luminance angles, in order to give the user separate and independent control over color shift, contrast adjustment, and color variation. Color gradients provide not only a flexible way of selecting color features but also a powerful way of manipulating image colors, as each mapping between a source and a target color gradient defines an affine color transformation. To determine the region of influence of each color mapping, perceptual similarity between colors is evaluated by applying Shepard's law of generalization to color differences. Through a feature-based warping approach, our color warping algorithm applies a continuous, nonlinear, volumetric deformation to the color space in order to approximate the requested color mappings. By making interactive color correction easier to control, our technique may prove useful in a variety of color image enhancement tasks in digital photography, video processing, and information visualization.


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